Carthago are an award winning German motorhome manufacturer and have accumulated 35 years of know-how in the industry which can be felt in all their products produced.

A Carthago is a special motorhome, positioned in the premium segment of the market. These exquisite motorhomes start with a basic design and lead to a high-quality main cabin and comfortable living area which features sophistication and attention to detail. At a glance, Carthago's are aesthetically pleasing and practical, as every Carthago benefits from the DNA of the Liner premium class, Carthago's high end motorhome.

Carthago's have many differentiating features...

GRP Protection - The Carthago GRP floor underside ensures for permanent protection against damage caused by stone chipping, rotting and humidity!


Moisture Protection - The Carthago floor panel guarantees a real all round protection. GRP on the upper and underside protect against the effect moisture can have on a vehicle. Because Carthago have so much faith in their design, they provide a 10 year warranty against leaks! 

Repair-friendliness - During the development of the main body components, attention was made on multi-part segmentation. In the event of damage, this makes replacement easier and saves costs.

Aluminium lined walls - The Aluminium lined walls coupled with an Alde central heating system (standard in some models, optional in others) means heat is spread evenly around the vehicle and even heats the floor!

Storage - A Carthago Motorhome offers the largest storage space of its class. There are various deep double floor storage compartments that can accessed from the interior and exterior as well as a large garage in the rear.

Carthago weight-optimised furniture design - Curved and rounded furniture molded parts have, thanks to the weight reducing piping technology, a high stability with less weight. 

Main body construction - The construction of a Carthago is not only highly stable, it is also light. The composite of aluminium on the exterior and inside and the RTM hard foam insulating core means there is no need for weight intensive reinforcements. 

Best test result for visibility - Carthago received the best test result in comparison tests with other integrated vehicles of the competition, having a visibility of the road surface just 2.27m  from the very tip of the bonnet!

Liner premium class

You have arrived at the top, the Liner premium class. This series holds the DNA which all Carthago motorhomes are built upon. It takes luxury, style, innovation and technology on four wheels to the next level. Discover the sophistication in detail, the unique design and the incomparable charm of this very successful motorhome class.

The comfort premium class & Lightweight premium class

Carthago's comfort premium class are exceptionally practical and are an all-rounder with regard to payload and storage space. These motorhomes are attractive, luxurious and comfortable. Featuring DNA from the Liner premium class, this series offers high-technology on four wheels, top-class driving comfort and pure living comfort. 

The c-compactline and c-tourer set the benchmark for the integrated lightweight premium class. Each of Carthago's motorhomes feature DNA from the Liner premium class - lightweight (3.5 tonnes), super-solid thanks to the AL-KO low frame and fully-fledged double floor.


30° Visibility

Carthago received the best test result in comparison tests with other Integrated vehicles for having the greatest visibility from the drivers seat. As a driver of an Integrated Carthago, you have 30° vision and are able to see the road at just 277 cm from your driving position. This ensures a perfect overview when travelling - greater safety for you.

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