A name with history. The young - but traditional - brand Malibu sets new accents in quality, design and equipment. Since its reintroduction, the Malibu van has set standards as a feel-good bus. With the new introduction of the integrated and partially integrated Reisemobile, a new class is being created, whose comparison is worthwhile. 

Malibu Van

You are spontaneous and want to conquer the world? Then the Malibu Van is your comfortable travel companion. It is compact and offers you all that you need for a perfect holiday in the smallest of spaces. 

Malibu Semi-Integrated Motorhome

The Malibu T is a semi-integrated motorhome that offers you just the right portion of conveniance. You can choose between different models that can be expanded individually according to your ideas. 

Malibu Integrated Motorhome

You don't want to make any compromises? Then the Malibu I is the perfect choice for you without limits. It offers you high-quality comfort down to the smallest detail and thus makes every trip into a comfortable and fantstic experience. 

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