Rapido has evolved from a high-end French brand into a European group, becoming a market leader in luxury motorhomes.

This success is primarily built on Rapido’s exacting quality standards and the acquisition of specialised brands in different recreational-vehicle market segments. Nowadays, almost half the production is exported. From 1993 to 2014, the Rapido Group gradually expanded with the brands Esterel (1993), Rapidhome (1998), Fleurette (2005), Itineo (Brand created in 2006), Campereve (2009), Westfalia (2010) and DREAMER (2014). The jewel of the German leisure vehicle industry, Westfalia, further strengthens the Rapido Group’s European dimension. However, the company has remained a family business, preserving its spirit of craftsmanship with genuine attention to detail.

Low Profile

Rapido offers you the best in low-profile semi integrated motorhomes. Every detail, every finish, every fitting adds its own touch, helping to make life on board even better. Reflect your personal style with a choice of two furniture collections: ELEGANCE DESIGN EDITION which feature solid maple wood mouldings and glossy finish doors. CASTELLO which feature pure lines and glossy finishes. 


Rapido offers you the best in A-class integrated motorhomes. These are a great example of french engineering, which expresses itself through innovative concepts, daring designs and technology with a touch of class. You will be convinced by the insulating double floor which provides accessible internal and external storage. Discover layouts that preserve privacy while still enabling free movement and optimised storage.

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