Winnebago - An iconic name and a brand you can trust.

In 1966, the first Winnebago motorhome rolled off the assembly line and the Winnebago brand was truly born. From here, Winnebago's standing within the RV community quickly grew and overtime was adopted in popular US culture as a name synonymous with motorhome travel; featuring in numerous works of film, television and music across the globe. 

Today the Winnebago brand is stronger than ever before. For more than 50 years Winnebago has set industry standards for quality and innovation and is widely regarded as the leading US manufacturer of Motorhomes.

In 2014, the dream of owning an authentic Winnebago has become a reality, with Apollo Motorhomes becoming the official licensee to manufacture and market the brand in New Zealand and Australia. 



Offering a comprehensive range of world-class motorhomes which combine comfort & style, Winnebago provides outstanding choice and a variety of product options to meet every taste. Right from the beginning of the manufacturing process these Australian and New Zealand built Motorhomes are uniquely designed to handle New Zealand's tough conditions. Only an authentic Winnebago can offer the highest levels of excellence in quality and innovation, backed by a world-class brand proven to stand the test of time.


Agile and sleek, the Winnebago campervans will delight you with their impressive range of features. Perfect for adventure -seekers, Winnebago campervans give you more room to move. Winnebago offers a full-feature RV experience for the ultimate non fuss road trip; ideal for adventurous couples or families seeking a compact vehicle. Incorporating an open floor plan, quality modern design elements and thoughtful finishes, Winnebago campervans have been designed to deliver maximum comfort and style.  

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