Article #10: Things to check… before you drive away!

There’s a lot to remember both when you’re on the road and when you are parked up enjoying the sights and sounds New Zealand has to offer.  Here at RnRV we have complied a handy check list for you to use as a reference when getting ready to drive away.

Feel free to email us on if you’d like a printable version of our ‘Before you drive away’ checklist emailed to you.

  • Check your stabilizers are would up if you have them, and remember if you are using ramps to pack these back into your garage!
  • Turn off your LPG and gas supply
  • Unplugged your 230v power lead if you are plugged into power and safely stow this
  • Ensure your satellite is in the ‘down’ position
  • Garage doors and all exterior hatches are closed and locked
  • Vents and skylights are closed
  • Awning is wound in and legs stored appropriately
  • All windows are closed, do not travel with them open as this can damage your insect screens and blinds
  • Internal cupboards and drawers are secure and latches are in ‘closed/locked’ position
  • Appliance doors like your fridge are closed and locked, and any contents is stored securely with lids on tight
  • 12v appliances are turned off
  • Standalone steps are stored away, and fitted steps are closed
  • Trailer brake is off, if you are in a caravan
  • If you have a bike racks and bikes, that your bikes are safely secured to your rack
  • All outdoor equipment like tables, chairs and BBQs has been packed away
  • Empty your toilet cannister and refresh your toilet chemicals
  • Empty your grey water and refill your fresh water

Happy travels!

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Image: Stunning Lake Te Anau in the South Island

Credit: Must do in New Zealand

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