Article #11: Rapido – See what’s new in 2023

Rapido ULTIMATE LINE : Make the most of your adventure.

Given the successful 2022 Collection and the innovations added to the 60th anniversary models last year, RAPIDO has reintroduced an entirely redesigned ULTIMATE LINE finish in its 2023 Collection.

To meet everyone’s needs, the seven RAPIDO 2023 Collection models all feature the ULTIMATE LINE finish: two low-profile models, two double floor A-class models, and even three DISTINCTION models which are the jewel in the brand’s crown.

Regardless of which model you decide on, when you choose an ULTIMATE LINE model you get a unique motorhome.

The ULTIMATE LINE’s fittings have been meticulously selected to ensure they add to the travellers’ comfort in both summer and winter.

In fact, ULTIMATE LINE models are now fitted* with a TRUMA Combi 6 EH (gas and electricity) heating system for greater autonomy. No longer do you need to use gas sparingly when travelling abroad or while staying at winter caravan parks. Simply connect to the mains power to enjoy a cosy, warm interior. And the living room table leg also distributes heat**, as this area can sometimes be a bit chilly. The heated waste water tank lets you enjoy a winter holiday with peace of mind.


In addition to enjoying the exclusive, distinctive exterior décor, when you choose an ULTIMATE LINE model you get a home-style interior both in terms of style and features. To create a unique, trendy interior, we designed our exclusive ULTIMATE LINE upholstery. This high-end upholstery elegantly blends TEP* yokes with contrasting piping around the seat and backs. The matching stitching creates a beautiful effect. The quilting pattern completes this brand new style, which is available in two versions (different stitching and piping colours and quilting) to perfectly coordinate with the two furniture styles available**. The cab seats and living area doormat are embroidered to create a unique interior that cannot be found anywhere else.

ULTIMATE LINE upholstery for each style (cannot be switched between styles), for a coordinated look: Pictured is the ‘Luceo’


In terms of equipment, an absolute must-have is the inbuilt vacuum cleaner first launched in the 60th anniversary models. Discreetly tucked away under the refrigerator, it takes up no additional space. The vacuum is simple to use. Just press the button with your toes. After sweeping your motorhome, the inlet on the front is great for daily use to vacuum up the dust gathered by the broom. The vacuum also comes with many accessories, including a long flexible hose, so you can clean your Rapido ULTIMATE LINE from top to bottom.

Lastly, the washroom continues its makeover and, building on the 60th anniversary models’ design, now features a toilet section with boat deck-type wall covering and a shower section packed with style and comfort which includes magnetic doors with a matte black edge, shower column with backlit aluminium finish, and white shower tray with black duckboard to create an elegant contrast.

*TEP: Polyamide-coated fabric.


ULTIMATE LINE models boast enhanced quality in terms of their fittings, giving you a brand new look in addition to the increased onboard comfort:

  • Exclusive exterior decor
  • 16” alloy rims
  • TRUMA Combi 6 EH (gas and electricity) heating with CP PLUS control panel (except i66 and i190)
  • Heating distributed via the living room table leg (80dF, i66 and i96; except telescopic leg)
  • Heated waste water tank
  • Inbuilt vacuum
  • ULTIMATE LINE TEP* upholstery
  • ULTIMATE LINE living room cushions
  •  ULTIMATE LINE embroidery on cab seat headrests
  • Living room and bedroom indirect lighting dimmer
  • ULTIMATE LINE embroidery on living area doormat
  • Magnetic shower door latches with matte black edge
  • Shower column with backlit finish and aluminium-style finish
  • White shower tray
  • Black shower duckboard
  • Shower/toilet room with boat deck-type wall covering

The ULTIMATE LINE models are unique from nose to tail, with an exclusive exterior décor in a brand new pattern. The layered colour captures the light, attracting everyone’s gaze as you drive along the road.

And for a bit more style, you can add the optional Lanzarote Grey cab colour.

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