Rapido Distinction i1090

ALDE Arctic Comfort Plus

Rapido Distinction i1090

Built with family pride and care by Rapido and proudly supplied to you in New Zealand exclusively by RnRV.  This motorhome offers magnificent design and functionality.

  • Maxi lounge for 7 guests
  • Side bench seat with armrest and LOUNGE seat, adjustable depth
  • Up to 5 berths
  • XXL central bed: 160 x 198 cm
  • Electric height-adjustable central bed (30cm) with large storage area/garage
  • Private bathroom
  • Independent shower
  • Second wardrobe
  • Stylish kitchen worktop finish with backlighting and inbuilt drainer
  • TEC-Tower: refrigerator/oven combo
  • Extra-deep 171-litre refrigerator with double hinge door
  • Extra bedroom wardrobe in 24″ TV unit
  • Bedroom and living room skylights with backlit TEP (Polyamide-coated fabric) finish
  • ALDE Arctic Comfort Plus heating as standard
  • iNet
  • Exclusive carbon-inspired exterior decor
  • Level floor from living room to bedroom
  • Double floor access inside/outside
  • XL living area door: 625 mm
  • Vehicle dimensions – 8.79Lm x 2.35Wm x 3.05Hm

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