Article #4: Rapido 60th Anniversary Editions, coming in 2022

Rapido is bringing out special 60th anniversary models for the 2022 season, all of which will come with an inbuilt vacuum cleaner.

To mark 60 years since founder Constant Rousseau started developing his first caravan in 1961, the new anniversary editions will be available on two low-profiles, the 666F and 696F, and four A-class models, the 8066dF, 8096dF, i66 and i96.

The inbuilt vacuum cleaner will sit under the fridge and can be turned on with the toes. It is designed to come with all accessories needed to clean the whole of the motorhome.

Other features on the anniversary models include exclusive upholstery and, in the A-classes, a more discreetly designed drop-down bed.

The A-classes in Rapido’s sister brand Itineo, meanwhile, get a new front and rear profile. The slightly more curved front profile now includes a matt black grille and matt black branding and a bumper that extends around the headlight and indicator surrounds. The LED daytime running lights have also been repositioned to sit just under the windscreen.

The rear panel, meanwhile, now comes with a black brake light spoiler at the top and boomerang-shaped light clusters. It is also prewired for a reversing camera.

Check out the list of extras in the range:

  • Exclusive exterior decor 60 EDITION
  • New matte black model branding
  • 16″ heavy duty Fiat rims as RnRV standard – images will show light duty wheels
  • TRUMA Combi 6 EH (gas and electricity) heating with CP PLUS control panel (except i66)
  • iNet: remotely control your heating system •Heating distributed via the living room table leg (80dF, DISTINCTION / except telescopic leg)
  • Heated waste water tank
  • Inbuilt vacuum
  • New control panel (digital panel with large screen for DISTINCTION)
  • 60 EDITION TEP* upholstery
  • 60 EDITION living room cushions
  • 60 EDITION embroidered cab headrest covers
  • Living room and bedroom indirect lighting dimmer
  • Bedroom and living room skylights with backlit TEP* finish
  • Fabric finish on cab bed bottom and inbuilt spotlights with ‘Coming Home’ mode (80dF, DISTINCTION)
  • Cab bed style incorporated with the furniture range (80dF, DISTINCTION)
  • Matte black overhead cupboard side panel and rack bottom (NACARAT 80dF)
  • 60 EDITION embroidery on living area doormat
  • Shower/toilet room storage unit with two mirror doors and frosted RAPIDO logo
  • Matte shower/toilet room unit door with push-lock system
  • Laminate basin countertop with aluminium-style finish
  • Magnetic shower door latches with matte black edge
  • Shower column with backlit aluminium-style finish
  • Black shower tray
  • Teak-style shower duckboard
  • Shower/toilet room with boat deck-type wall covering

More about Rapido and Itineo in 2022 will be revealed as soon as possible.

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